Unknown Windows?

Hi everyone, I am not English so excuse me for my spelling mistakes . Can not install Messenger revivers 2 he writes: Unknown Windows yet I have windows 10 …


Picture : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/41/1444084135-fddddddd.png

Bonjour Kevin. Can you check on which build of Windows 10 you’re using? If you are unsure, just bring up the Windows Key start menu, type winver and press enter.

It will be listed like this:
Version 10.0 (Build 10240)

Hi !

Windows 10.0 (Build 10240)

That is weird. I’ve sent you a private message here on the forum as I’ll need more info to see what’s going on.


Thanks Kevin for helping out, it appears that there’s yet another Windows Update that will break Reviver, just an older one that wasn’t previously known. The update you have installed that Reviver doesn’t know about is KB3081444.

I don’t think there’s much point in going back to fix this old version, instead just run Windows Update and install KB3093266. You can then run Reviver after that. This last update has some nice fixes and definitely worth installing.

For anyone interested, the reason why this showed up only now is that I ended up re-writing the version detection code for the last update as the standard version API function doesn’t actually look at the DLLs themselves, but the language files (which aren’t updated by Windows Updates it seems).


I will try to put the update KB3093266 but she 'd cause a lot of problem in my computer. I come back to you once did. Thank you enormously for your help.

I managed an Update , revivers Works but against the update causes me problems with my computer not entered the store and other problems. I must remove

EDIT : Msn conversation windows are white :frowning:

Picture : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/41/1444128522-123131312.png

After that accident I msn Must close the Task Manager via :frowning:

Messenger 2012 is accelerated through DirectX and the white-screen effect is usually caused by bad video drivers. If you would like to try some troubleshooting (which might help some of the other issues I would expect), you might want to lookup whatever Display adapter is in that PC and go to the manufacturers website to find newer (or older possibly) drivers.

Regardless, as this is clearly important to you, I’ll do my best to add support for this version to Reviver shortly so you can avoid updating for now.

I do not think it to be my video driver. Because I play a lot of games without a problem and I did not change the graphics card recently. I’ll still try to put my drivers. The white screen of the window eventually disappear if I wait a long time … it’s weird .

I repost when I put my video drivers.

PS : Sorry for my English catastrophic


after having just delete my video driver and install via the website of the manufacturer I still have the same problem :frowning:

Link to DirectX for windows 10 ?

My video card is: GeForce GT 740 2go.

PS : I managed to install the two days has put KB3093266 + KB3081444 without a problem but it is still not working .

As it fixes itself if you wait, I don’t believe it’s a video driver problem but you can confirm this one way or another by temporarily switching to the Microsoft built-in video driver by going back into le gestionnaire de périphérique, right-clicking the card, choosing Mettre à jour le pilote…, Rechercher un pilote sur mon ordinateur, Choisir parmi une liste de pilotes de périphériques sur mon ordinateur, then select the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Once the screen flickers and the new video driver becomes active, restart Messenger and see what happens.

In older versions of Messenger (like 2009), when conversation windows would freeze up, it could sometimes be caused by a router on the network not responding to UPnP requests properly. I’m wondering if they’re being stuck in the same way here. Assuming you have a router on your network, you might try just unplugging it and plugging it back in.

I’m afraid I don’t really have any other suggestions right now on the white screen problem.

However, was this working prior to these Windows Updates? If so, when exactly did it break?

I Will try pour the car router I have a router on my network. I return post here as soon as I try, I thank you for the help and for your work to understand my English … ahaha .

I did not understand your last sentence. :frowning:

Msn said: You are connected to the Internet by a firewall no UPNP

Let me try it again. Did Messenger 2012 work on this computer before? What do you need to get fixed so that it will work? If you uninstall updates, will it work?

[quote=“Kevin_Adam, post:13, topic:339, full:true”]
Msn said: You are connected to the Internet by a firewall no UPNP
[/quote]I’m afraid that text has always been faulty and is meaningless. Microsoft never fixed it. It fact mine says the same thing, even though I have a fully UPnP compliant router and many applications (including Messenger) make use of it.

Delete updates of changed nothing.

I think I’ll have to live with this problem I fear that there is no solution :confused:

At least as I’m sure you know, you can use Skype, Miranda-NG or Butterfly Messenger to get onto the .NET Messenger Service on that PC. There’s also the upcoming Windows Messaging app that will be in a future Windows 10 update (or if you want to install the latest insider build, you can get it now).

If I come up with anything else you might try, I’ll let you know.

Thank you I’ll come back to you as if I find a solution.

Problem solved ! I opened my hosts file by accident and it was full line about msn I handed my original hosts file and have more problems ! I am happy. !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I have exactly the same problem as Kevin_Adam and I don’t understand how he fixed it.

Can you help me ? Thanks

go there:

your hosts file must be like above: