Unable to sign into messenger on Windows XP

Whenever I try to sign in with 5.0 it gets stuck on the signing in screen

Weird. It works with me. What edition and service pack you’re running? I used Media Center edition 2005 with service pack 3 and it worked.

This is an issue i have too, but i haven’t found a solution on why

i’m running Media Center Edition 2005 with service pack 3 too!

You need to have Internet Explorer 8 installed on your computer, your root certfiicates up-to-date, go to Intenet Options in IE or the Control Panel, disable SSL 2.0 and 3.0, and enable TLS 1.0. If it connects to the escargot website, then try to sign in.

You will probably get a 404 error message, but don’t worry about that.

i installed 2018 rootcert update and have everything else done