Unable to send/receive messages on escargot chat on any client/operating system

Since Escargot chat got server update I have been unable to send or receive messages from my account on any supported prepatched/manually patched clients. I have been trying 4.5 on windows 98 second edition, 7.5 on windows xp, vista, win7 and win10 and windows live messenger 8.1 on Windows 10. Each time I can login just fine and view my own profile, contacts or escargot today, but when try send message to contact who is online fails with “Your message could not be delivered to all recipients”. Also I am unable to see profile pictures of active users even they would use messenger 7.0 or higher.

If any of my contacts try send message to me, that person messenger shows it as sent but I never receive it. I have been diagnosing this issue since it started with no luck. So far been trying fresh install, change dns off from, disable windows firewall, reinstall messenger using one having new patching method from escargot website, enable and disable ssl and enabling tls on internet explorer. Also been double checking my router wont have any filters on that would break messenger. If someone would be able assist me with my problem I would be grateful