Umm what is this

Umm wtf is this lol, just wondering (the one highlighted in yellow)


Also this (is that Windows Live Messenger 2011 because I swear WLM 2009 is 14.0)

Not sure if Escargot can get stats from local WLM 2009 servers as I have a WLM 2009 server online rn, even then isn’t WLM 2009 14.0?

  1. The “MSN WindowsMessenger” thing might be related to Windows Messenger.
  2. The WLM 2011 one is obviously a troll.

So addressing number 1, im just wondering what that MSN Windows Messenger one could be, its either a troll or valtron is testing something.

Number 2 appears to be a troll but I wonder how someone is doing that, isn’t that gonna require them to use WLM 2011 or am I wrong here?

mercury messenger using MSNP21(?) connects to Escargot afaik, but you aren’t able to message.anybody.