Umm can we address this problem?

You know when you create WLM 2009 server, everything works great (partially) but lets say you want to sign into your microsoft account to check your emails (nothing related to WLM but its do with, I go to and then it says refused to connect? Could this be because of the certificates stopping me from logging in to any microsoft service?

That’s because is technically still re-routing to localhost, which is being used for your local Escargot server, meaning it’ll use the test certificates instead of Microsoft certificates. This is why I state in the contribution document that you have to remove it after testing. Also, I don’t really like having to use HOSTS methods that unintentionally affect your access to services, and if msidcrl was working with WLM 2009, then I’d supply that instead for patching.

Oh cool thanks, also there is a problem with WLM 2009 (I think)

Lets say User A wants to text User B

User A sends User B a message
User B doesn’t receive that message on his side
User B sends a message
User A receives his message
User A tries to text again
User B still doesn’t receive it
If both users leave for a while they both wont receive each others messages

This is a problem im having with my WLM 2009 server.

Is there a way to do this in a virtual machine instead?

That would actually be a good idea

You can use the test server on a virtual machine, either for one client to run alongside it or in a networked environment, with the VM running the server and your other machines connecting to that VM’s locsl IP.