Uhhhhhh i dunno



Yeah i’m leaving the forums for a while. I’m getting incredibly bored of this forum. I will be back tho! See ya!


I expected you to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


Was this post really necessary tho?


Hey, veselcraft did it, Balazs_V did it too. Dunno what’s wrong with telling people that they’re leaving.


Dunno why people have to make a thread about leaving MessengerGeek, nobody really cares if they leave right?


Hm, you have a point there. Lemme just delete this and everyone will be happy. I also apologize for being annoying. I won’t make posts like these anymore when im taking a break.


Nobody would notice if I left



i like this image


Reminds me of the “accent” that girls uses when roleplaying as little girls…

Source: “Daddy Dom Little Girl”


lol it’s a stupid Chrome extension i had


Tell me the name of the extension. I wanna make fun of myself.


It’s called OwO