Typerspeed RC 1 is out now!

This is probably the wrong forum for this topic. Also, if this is not allowed on here, feel free to take it down and/or take action on my account. Anyway, hi guys! I want to share with you a little project of mine.

This little game was originally written and released in 2018. However, Last year I lost the source code along with over 500GB of other data after a Windows installation went belly up. A short time later, the binary disappeared and I just lost interest in it. However, over the last month or 2, I have been rewriting the game. Now, I’m excited to announce that the first public RC has been released!

The name of the game is Typerspeed. The aim of the game is to type as many words correctly as you can… in just 35 seconds! The game features upbeat background music and sound effects to keep you hooked. This is unlike the original 2018 version, which did not feature background music. I don’t even think that version had a menu system either.

If you would like to try Typerspeed for yourself, you can Download the installer here. To submit feedback to me, please fill out the feedback form.