Two old myspace Revival

So this is two old myspace revival
Here the links

Also my username on these two old myspace revival is ark63

Pls join

Thank you for reading


Also if you find other old myspace revival pls tell me in a post on This topic thx

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very nice idea, but i cant register for some reason and idk how it works, it just shows his profile

Windows 93 MySpace is not a revival, but mostly a joke.

its sad because it would’ve been a nice idea

No no it’s not a joke it’s a revival

friend project is not a joke but the other yes

You are wrong it’s Not a joke it’s a revival

Windows 93 is a joke-website. You’d expect the MySpace ““revival”” to be a joke.

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Okay, looks good! but why does the home page always lead to the same profile?


Friend project was cool i used to use that back when i was in college it was popular for awhile but it eventually lost its popularity and is kinda dead now which happens to a lot of these sites the same goes for the old Youtube clones too such as Zippcast if anyone remembers that.

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vidlii is still up and running with the old 2006 yt interface and you can choose what interface you like, its not so dead, the only thing is that it has that bullshit https wich makes it unusable in browsers that interface was supposed to work on

you sure about that?

Other than the foreign stuff (which i’m not going to moan about), VidLii is dominated by low-effort shitposts, reuploads of some stuff (logos and… supernanny of all things? might be due to autism.) and the exact same bloody spam advertisement using a goanimate-like application.

oh and, the occasional porn being uploaded there.

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Fucking this it may have a layout similar to Youtube 2009 but it isn’t a simple fun video website anymore like classic Youtube used to be Vidli now is just a toxic hangout spot for those edgy kids who hop on the retro and nostalgia bandwagon and pretend to like old stuff just for memes and be ironic which is stupid.