Twitter's strict phone verification is unfair

I was watching some SMG4 and I went to Twitter. it said my account was blocked for NO reason, a la Finobe. I was able to do the Recraptcha but not the Phone Number section. The problem is I don’t have a phone number. These services are smart. They detect a fake phone number from “TextNow”, making that service a useless piece of shit. I tried to report it. I got an automated email saying I have to put a fucking phone number. I replied with “I told you I don’t have a phone number. Give me that account back”. So they declined the appeal and decided to say “lmao I think u have to get a phone number if you want your twitter to be back” Wow. I rate their service 1/10. So if there was a share your “Twitter Feed”. i would have to share this.

Yesterday on my discord i set a webhook. It seems that this could be the cause. I have closed the the webhook on Zapier. I sent the same but in French because the automated message was in French.
I’m never gonna use Zapier again.

I think i’m required to get a fucking flip phone. Use the phone number. then bored smash it.

Mine got locked for no reason

and u dont have a phone number?

I also encounter that too.

that is not how you use à la
and besides, what the fuck did you do to get blocked from FInobe?
you underage? say the n-word? literally fuck in the chat?

of fucking course they would


wow, then just get a basic flipphone on a prepaid plan. they’re cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

i doubt you quoted them exactly :v

The auto-mod thought one of my posts was a advert. it was only a rant of 2007 clients. A staff from the finobe discord unbanned me.

The “flipphone” would be useless since i have a Note 3

It was the automated message in a nutshell

my account banned too, because birth date is 16.06.2004 (russian date format!!!). and, when passed my birthday 16 june IT’s not unbanned. i tired wrote to email and send form for unban, but nothing. wtf twitter??? i has been registered from May 2013!! i’m 14 years old already!!
best service 0/10

It because you didn’t know about coppa back then. Report to twitter how old are you and your birth date. That could fix something.

I even sent the birth certificate (Свидетельство о рождении)(it’s state document!!!) , but there is no answer.

I think your last resort is to do another account.

i dont want to sitting in twitter because this. tumblr - best replace of twitter

Tumblr seems to be most used for sharing sim mods/art.

and feminists too.

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And machos.
(My mum loves me lol)

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Update: Twitter accidentally thought that my account was a spam account. They’ve unblocked my account. This is the message they gave.


Votre compte est maintenant déverrouillé, et nous sommes désolés pour la gêne occasionnée.

Twitter dispose de systèmes automatisés qui recherchent et suppriment les comptes automatisés émettant du spam. Il semble que votre compte a été inclus dans l’un de ces groupes de spam par erreur. Cela se produit parfois lorsqu’un compte fait preuve d’un comportement automatisé enfreignant les Règles de Twitter (

Nous vous prions de nouveau de nous excuser pour le désagrément. Veuillez ne pas répondre à cet email auquel nous ne pourrons donner suite.


L’Assistance Twitter

How do I tell them to unblock my account?

how old are you
if less than 13, get the fuck off twitter you’re too young
if you’re over 13, tell em, send em a photo of you or shit that worked for me

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i started using twitter with 11 years old :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update: After less than a month. They’ve resuspended my account for no reason. And sorry for the nercobump.

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I have switched to reddit.