TUTORIAL: How to install WLM 8.5


HI :smiley: It’s me again, now with a video about please read thread’s title
it’s very simple, so there you go:

Prepatched WLM 8.1: https://storage.googleapis.com/escargot-storage-1/public/patched-installer/escargot-wlm-8.1.0178-en.msi

WLM 8.5 program files: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvPhs61mi909n0Y1a82Fx6HgFEAX

Language dll files: [NEW LANGUAGE] Collection of language packs for WLM 8.5

EDIT: Now that Valtron updated the Escargot website to include a direct download to version 8.5, this tutorial is obsolete and useless.


Good tutorial bro.


Very Good Tutorial. :slight_smile:


You’ re the real MVP


Leo Historias approve.


Or you could just use the WLinstaller i uploaded in that thread and manually patch it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

but ye if anyone’s so lazy then he can do this instead.




dont forget to put at the compatibility :Windows XP and admin rights




Thank U so much! Anyone knows how to get the picture bigger? Like this in WLM 2009?


No need to, at least for me. Works on the fly.


@Maigol Thank you very much :wink: Works flawlessly.



For animated avatars ( pictures are bigger as the photo you shared but only the animated avatars not other personnal pictures )
Sorry its only available in French :S


Really good tutorial, my friend, and with that 009 Sound System song, much better

PS: Your desktop wallpaper reminds me Kuzu no Honkai =S


nice tuto bro :heart_eyes: