TUTORIAL: How to download & install the Mercury Messenger with Escargot MSN Support for Android

Hi. I’ve made an video how to download and install the Mercury Messenger 4.0.2 for Android with Escargot MSN Support. And I’ve translated it to English subtitles. And sorry for my bad English, I’m hungarian. If you find an English fail, please tell to me at MSN or here.
[YouTube video]


I maked a video, but youtube removed :confused:

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Ι Also have video tutorial ‘‘how to download msn 1.0-7.5’’.Btw your video is very succesfull. :wink:

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anyway it goes like this:
download patched apk from "First MSN Mobile Client on Escargot!"
plug in ur andriod phone
Place apk on phone and open my files on phone
open apk on phone
(if u get "not from play store"then click unknown sources then if this message appear then click “for this only” and press yes)
Click Open
Type in ur Escargot email & pw in the boxes
click other
change protocol to "MSNP11"
ur done enjoy escargot on mobile


Please make a video