[TUTORIAL ENGLISH] How to recover Msn Winks

In this post I want to share my winks with some new winks that I found last days and a tutorial to import/recover winks from msn 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 2012 etc, the tools that you need to do that is

CABARC (to restore the mco)

ConCon (to extract stamp from id2)

Custom Content Manager (to add the mco for MSN)

In first place, the winks are saved in the folder C:\Users\YOUR PC\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Messenger\YOUR EMAIL\ObjectStore\Winks3

The format of the winks is dt2 and id2…

dt2: Contain the cab, can be open using Winrar (content.xml, the animation swf and the icon png, gif etc)

id2: Contain the wink configuration, winks stamp and PUID (this file cant be opener)

Imagine that you have an old wink in id2 or dt2 and you want install again in your MSN, in first place open ConCon (the program may take a while to respond) once the program works, click on the Winks3 folder where the winks you want to recover, here you can see the wink

now click in Backup.

On this tab mark what you want in my case (Winks)

Now you need your PUID, to see your Microsoft PUID go to https://account.live.com/EditProf.aspx

In the last information is your PUID, copy and paste in ConCon Retriever

Click in continue and choose no, now you have a file called WlmBackup1.mco, add it to .rar using winrar

extract the .cab file that you want to desktop (do not decompress the cab file just extract the .cab to the desktop) and open in winrar the content.xml from WlmBackup1.mco (last file) here you can see all the stamps from the Winks, is necessary to put correctly the wink in msn, for example if you extracted LLUBlz8KCReiYXbstBIiSv7w3go=, search in the content.xml LLUBlz8KCReiYXbstBIiSv7w3go= copy all these information into the content.xml that I leave in the downloads, (replace since <i until last symbol before ‘’)

Now that you have the content with the original stamp wink you need create the MCO file, to create the mco file put the content.xml that you edited and the CAB file that you extracted (in my case LLUBlz8KCReiYXbstBIiSv7w3go=) in desktop, open CMD in your pc, write cd Desktop and now write CABARC\CABARC.EXE -s 6144 n namewink.mco content.xml LLUBlz8KCReiYXbstBIiSv7w3go=.cab
now press enter and the mco is create now to install in msn, open your MSN and connect to MSN, open Custom Content Manager (CCM.exe) Choose MCO Manager

Choose your directory where is your MCO

click in the MCO in the left and you can see the visualization, then with Msn open, click in Add this item to MSN Messenger, if appear an error in Custom Content Manager mean that you imported incorrectly the stamp into the content.xml, otherwise without this error the wink will have been installed correctly in MSN.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l07wwqlfl2c8dp5/MSN_PACK.rar/file


You cant create a custom wink at the moment because no one know how to create the stamp from Microsoft working

If you have other wink that is missing from my pack please share if you want the MCO to the community

CABARC can create .cab but if you create a new cab, the stamp firm will not work


Nice work! I’m not exactly sure how the PUID system works, but unfortunately some people use nonexistent emails or non-Microsoft emails that probably haven’t been registered on Microsoft’s servers, so your particular solution won’t really work for those people until we were to build a PUID generator that goes by Microsoft’s generation scheme for Escargot users (there was one I think but I forgot the original page. All I know is that @TReKiE was behind it).

Also custom winks would be something I’d look forward to. I’ve tried creating one myself but Messenger would complain about the MCO every time I tried to load it. All I know about the stamp is that it contains a Base64-encoded hash of the main CAB (which the stamps I generated didn’t have) and that the certificate is embedded. If I understood the structure of them more, then I could possibly get a PoC working. We can only dream though. :fox_face:

Yes, will be a problem for the people that used non-existent emails in Microsoft, but can help to recover winks that have been lost and still in PC’s with the dt2 and id2, as in my case was the Eat your Competition because the rest of winks you can find it more easily…

Yes, as we saw the last day in Msn the sha1 of the .cab is inside the stamp signature, I tried modifying the SHA1 in the stamp and re-importing but still not working