[TUT] Windows Live/MSN Messenger Installation on !Linux!


Hi. I made a tutorial video where I show how can install Messenger on Linux with Wine (Wine Is Not Emulator).
I did not want speak in video so i made sub texts. I hope I helped.
(I am using Arch Linux)



Nice , i made a thread about it too !


You can also use 8.5


the sound works in 7.5 ?


if it doesnt u can make it work by converting them to wav files its working with 8.5 :stuck_out_tongue:


If you install more windows libraries then sounds should works. I put the commands soon


winetricks tahoma then hit enter
winetricks riched30 then hit enter
winetricks msxml3 then hit enter
winetricks msls3 then hit enter


Yeah thats from my thread


sound should work by converting them to wav its working just fine with me


Yeah, but Ive removed that once and I cant install back because the installer doesnt install the WLM lol




Ive installed the WLM 8.5 firstly. I removed that for make the video. And now I cant install back the WLM 8.5 because installer doesnt appear and doesnt do anything. But MSN 7.5 is works.


Oh i had the same prob type in the terminal wine uninstaller and see if there is wlm 8.5 if so uninstall it and if it still doesnt work try uninstalling wine and reinstalling it


Yeah, now works. Thanks :smiley:


You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


sound working?


On it to make workable :smiley:


i have the preconverted files here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vQtCox9uqnxkNgqKE1b_KD0v_xupbFYU/view?usp=sharing


replace the old ones with these ones


after open wlm and go to tools>options>alerts and sounds and select each alert and click browse and then choose the converted files that you replaced and do the same for all the alerts and if you still didnt replace them then go to the home directory and right click and click “show hidden files” and go to .wine>drive_c>program files (86)>windows live>messenger and paste the modified files in there and it will ask you to if you want to skip or replace the files because its a duplicate click replace and then follow the previous step to set msn to use the modified files :stuck_out_tongue: