Trying to design my own merch

well i’m trying to do one when it’s finished i’m gonna send link here

here’s proof i’m doing it

for some reason if i try to put the InSanic sprite as big as i want it says “quality is too poor” and i can’t finish it

here’s max i could make it to finish it

shadow is typing…

do a hoodie saying, i dunno, like callie’s the best waifu (althrough i said callie was the best waifu, I DONT HAVE a waifu)

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or like, tails can fly? k

I dunno, i got this idea after watching splatoon + sparta remixes

just finished mine!

now IL focus in trying to do phone caes in Teespring

24 euros man i buy callie amiibo for that

if u want i can lower the price, its like 35 reais here its cheap for a merch

man put it to 10euros…it’s the price of a branded t-shirt in france or in kiabi


also you put the t-shirt only one day?


anyway what about the case price? i’m working in the price of it rn

5euros for the ancient phone, and 7 for the recent ones

i had to put 14,99 for older bcuz i wont get profit if i do that price lol

finished the iPhone case

edit: fixed it bczu i linked to brazil website

and edited the merch

now do a do a ok. t-shirt