Trouble saving converations

Hi there,

I don’t seem to be able to save my conversation anymore. I selected the option and all but as soon as I close a conversation windows, a pop up tells me “An error occured while reading this conversation historic : Access denied” (in French)
what can I do ? I have Msn 7.5 prepatched + I downloand Msn Plus

@drawmeafish Try this:

  1. From the contact list, press Alt, then click Tools, Options…
  2. Navigate to the Messages section.
  3. Remember or change the folder that is configured in the highlighted section:
  4. In File Explorer, check your NTFS permissions for that folder, and double check that you can open it and write to it at all.

When in doubt, change the location using the dialogue described above.

Does that help?

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No, changing the folder doesn’t do anything, I have permissions and total control of the folders but msn keeps telling me that “an error occured : access denied” :frowning:

Nevermiiiind, It’s because of my antivirus who uddenly decided to block the app from saving files without any warning -____-"

So it works now again? :slight_smile: