Tried upgrading to Windows 2010... and this happens

It’s been here, trying hard to roll back to Vista, yet it’s been here for 10 mins at this point,

I’ll do clean install tomorrow as I barely have any time today for this shit.

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Back to Vista…

Update: I’ve noticed that people got the same issues back in 2009.

Windows 2010


You know Windows 2007? well, there’s a lesser known mod called Windows 2010.

Windows 2010 is GMM’s win7 mod
me and @Megadeth58 have developer roles in their server even though we never made a single build


Honestly, i think you could just get 8.1, classic shell and cracked aero, and then after finding the correct resources, you would have windows 2010 on a more secure version of windows

Where is the link to Windows 2010?

don’t upgrade, just do a dualboot which is 100x simpler

i’m not the guy who is willing to get rid of my long term storage hard drive and use it for a OS mod.

you can literally make a 40gb partition on your hard drive and it’ll work
unless you have a gran total of 128gb of storage