@TReKiE's website (www.jonathankay.com) has an old hidden intro

@TReKiE used a very funny intro in his website JonathanKay.com in the 2000s (when almost every website had a intro) but the thing is that @TReKiE never deleted that intro, he only unused it, but it’s still accessible: http://www.jonathankay.com/intro.asp (but when the intro ends, redirects to a Error 500 page.

Anyways, this is a very funny fact that i found about the TReKie’s website and i wanted to post it :wink:


Trexon trekmedia

is this tails theme from sonic adventure :thinking:

Inb4 @TReKiE had a Dreamcast after his childhood. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh cool , i have the 2004 PC version of sonic adventure , this is why I recognize it

OK maybe that too. :stuck_out_tongue:

(But the former kinda makes sense, since @TReKiE did grow up with the Genesis)

Well now it seems to properly redirect to the main page of the site. So I guess @TReKiE acknowledged it (or someone told him. Looking at you and @WindowsXPCat2008) and fixed the redirection code for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I told him about that yesterday on WLM, so i think that he fixed it, i think it redirected to a 500 error page because it redirected originally to the old index page of the site (that doesn’t exists anymore)


I also found his site pre-2000, a.k.a. the time before he was revamping his site’s design. Note that a few links are broken though.


I found the 2004 site

Also he has an old version of his contact page with his ICQ UIN intact, but I’m not really sure if @TReKiE would be fond of me sharing the link willy nilly, as he might not be aware of that version of the page existing anymore. Plus he has since left his ICQ for dead.

@TReKiE Are you kidding or the Y2K effect affected this counter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also i discovered this pic in the old About Me site of @TReKiE https://www.jonathankay.com/aboutme.asp, now @OhHelloThereImTheGuy do some memes! image

Also i liked this part: Screenshot_1

So I think I’m ready to share the old (and retro) contact page @TReKiE had on his site. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Dammm even my parents couldnt buy a domain @TReKiE ur lucky

I discovered it last night on discord

If it’ll make you happy, he was 16 when his parents bought him his domain around 1999, the site’s launch year if I’m not mistaken. People at that age tend to be more trusted with certain things. :stuck_out_tongue:



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