TReKiE X Patchou 2: Electric Boogaloo Prototype Leak!

found at sony HQ

great game


IGN: Truly a work of art Gamespot: Amazing Game!
Mario: wHat tHe fUck aRe YoU dOInG HErE

ow mai gad
even i knew that ps2 intro was from youtube xd

why is this community always like “this x this” “this x that funny” especially in the discord server


TReKiE x Patchou is an old joke I came up with around 2 years ago, and it was mostly there for the sake of being dumb and because of yet anther inside joke created about TReKiE liking yaoi. As for the other “ships”, that’s mostly a few people being immature and I don’t really pay attention to those.

I also got dragged in a couple “ships” but those were just inside jokes separate from MessengerGeek that others decided to drag here for some reason and it does honestly get on my nerves lol.

Hush, we all know you love the ships i make

the game was a “spinoff” but @TReKiE deleted it probably because it was cringe.

Never seen a PS 2 game with such amazing graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe… TReKiE x Patchou 3: Petscop Edit

I heard they were also working on a spinoff called “PF94 x PPCB” if i remember correctly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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deep breath no :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear the spinoff has a lackluster storyline, gameplay, and… scenes. Cheap way to make TReKiE x Patchou stay relevant. The original is where it’s at.