Tools to decrypt msn messenger plus chat log.. i know password


im restore chat log from my old computer but i need tools to Unicode the files while im save it with password and i know it

Your grammar is a litle not good .Here how it’s needs to be. Hi im restoring a chat log from my old computer, but i need tools to Unicode the files while i save it with a password and i know. :wink:

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thank u this is what i mean :slight_smile:

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I assume what you’re after is either a way to read the encrypted Plus! log files or decrypt them entirely.

If you’re looking to just look at your logs, you can install Plus and open the ple files in Windows’ File Explorer. If you don’t want to install Plus, you can download and run the Log Viewer separate, then open the files up in the Log Viewer.

If you want to decrypt all the log files, CookieRevised from the old Plus! forum made a batch script.

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Thank you TReKiE

i’m already have a plus viewer and i’m open the file through it put the file open encrypted because the viewer not ask me to enter password to decrypt that’s why i’m search for an tools to encrypt the file

i will retry the and feedback to you

thank x again :blush:

i’m try the tools and told me there no encrypted files available to decrypt ,the chat log files is .html files when i’m open it on any internet browser or messenger plus chat viewer its opened with unrecognized text

" #Bf֒سlg5о " …etc

and thank you again for your support :heart_eyes:


you sure you didn’t get data from /dev/random did you?

As an experiment, try renaming one of the .html files to change its file extension to .ple instead and then try and open it in the log viewer. Maybe they were accidentally renamed?

If that’s not the case, could these have been encrypted by something else? even ransomware or something?

nope this part of characters on the html file

unfortunately not working on both way decrypt through the patch file and log viewer :frowning: thank you again