Today is my birthday! (26 december)


I got a smartwatch and a Bluetooth headphones. :cake:




Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday Mr Invincible!
Happy birthday to you!

The song is not over
now open your oven
take a slice of pie
and send it to meeeeeeee
(sorry… out of rhymes) :stuck_out_tongue:


and take some cake
from google images


gnom gnom gnom mhhhmm it was so good! ty and happy birthday again :wink:


happy birthday!
(i actually forgot it was today :stuck_out_tongue: )


happy birthday


are u serious?
i put my wlm personal message to : TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!


firefox is good :+1:


in my country is still 26 soo i made this gif imadethis%C3%A7
the last thing is like the cake emoji :cake:


image image


Can i have the original internet explorer image of this