To you people out there that uses Mac, here's an alt solution for MSN to run on a Mac

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Ok fellas, and macOS/Mac OS X fellas. Are you tired of trying to get MSN Messenger to work on Wine? Are you constantly tired of having MSN Messenger crash for no sudden reason what’s so ever? HI BILLY MAYS HERE- lol ok, Nathaniel Welchert Darkson/NathanDarkson984 here, and no need to fear. Because, there is Parallels Desktop, for Mac. Yeah yeah yeah, buy it or YAAAR, YE BE A PIRATE, LADDIES!! And if you’re a MacBook Air user (2008, 2014, 2015, whatever), well, just download the Windows 7 iso, don’t get the Windows 10 iso, since that doesn’t work…And simply, once you got those installed and working, you can get MSN Messenger working without using Wine! You can use it with Coherence (which I use mostly), or Fullscreen, or VM window (lol).

And why am I posting this, you may ask, is because you Mac users wont have to suffer with MSN Messenger crashing in Wine over and over and over again. And yeah there is another way, getting VM Virtualbox (if you have a powerful Mac, cuz otherwise the VM in Virtualbox will lag), and/or installing Windows 7/8/10 via Bootcamp. But this one is highly recommended.
Hope you guys like this, cuz I figured out by myself lol. Anyways, see ya :smiley:


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