To be fair, developing wlm 2009 is gonna be hard or impossible (LOL NVM)

according to some people in the forum, since the server code was removed(? forget what they actually said lol) it might actually take months or years to develop

imo the developers should work on wlm 2012 first

the 2011 code and below have features based on the MSNP18 protocol, so, same issue. (maybe?)

With some minor exceptions, the versions build upon themselves, so the idea that you could “skip ahead” isn’t really an option.

so, my question is, the msnp16 code still exists there?

Hm, I’m not completely sure if I’m understanding your question.

If you’re asking me if MSNP16 is part of the newer versions like MSNP18, then yes. Each new version takes what was existing and adds or makes changes, but doesn’t completely change things. Although there are more drastic changes in MSNP24 (current “classic Skype”).

You can see this progression visually in the user interface when using older versions of Messenger, some aspects change but a lot still remain the same. A good example are the pickers - display picture picker, emoticon picker, wink picker (see Tools menu in a conversation window). They remain largely unchanged since their introduction, meanwhile the conversation window gets changed every version.

hm damn

Not impossible, just hard. We’ll have it in Escargot by the end of 2050. :slight_smile:


Let’s not be pessimistic. It isn’t gonna be THAT long of a wait.

I’m not saying it’ll take that long. Key word: by.

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