Time zones suck

When it comes to MessengerGeek, which is the only other community I actively go on, along with the related offerings I overlook, its gotten really frustrating when there’s next to no activity going on in the community chats, and when I drop a message after I’ve gotten my fair share of work done with, it’s as if I’ve caused crickets to crowd. This is especially frustrating with a Discord server I own, and I can’t effectively communicate with my own userbase most of the time. And the fact that some of them are in the same time zone as me is more frustrating.

It’s not just me not having anything to do after I work myself to death. When it comes to the group chats I own, me not being able to talk to the userbase when they’re online produces the feeling that I’m not actually engaged in my own operations, and just there as a name part of a property, one that is mostly unmoderated due to the time conflicts. Due to this, the place I supposedly “own” has been subject to a few “incidents” I didn’t have immediate control over.

What will it take for me to overcome this nonsense? Portal myself to every time zone where I won’t have to be busy? Give up my life and restrain myself to my computer every waking second?

Well that was another rant of mine. What’s next?


Maybe you should find someone that helps you with your userbase.

that’s true, i no have nothing to say

Life typical problems.

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