Time to say goodbye to WhatsApp.... Maybe

As you can read in the title, many people is leaving WhatsApp since the changes of therms and privacy of this instant messaging service. If we want to leave WhatsApp, we have 2 ways to pick, if we want to keep having contact with our WhatsApp contacts:

  • Telegram
  • Signal Messenger

… But that’s not the way I’m gonna pick. If I leave WhatsApp, I’ll move to Discord and WLM because it’s just way more easy for me to move on.

So if anyone didn’t know about this change on WhatsApp, then take this infromation, and if you want, download WLM or any other instant messaging program that is usefull for you.

I will never leave WhatsApp.

Meh, me neither until only a 25% of users use it. I won’t put my information at risk for ever

Bro, I am not gonna leave that app. It’s nice really and I don’t want to leave it.



I’ll use WLM and Telegram. I think this will be nice to grow the number of active members on WLM

For those who dunno, Whatsapp uodated their privacy policy, now they collect data like Google lol

Facebook has already proven to be an untrustworthy company when it comes to privacy. I may just end up deleting my whatsapp at some point. My contacts are slowly moving away to telegram/signal. The funny is that they delayed the ToS change to May 15.

for whatsapp: