Throw away your things.. its time for a snowfight in middle of the year!

wishing some fun in the snow?
here your wish is now done
come, grab your friends and start an epic snow battle in Lumisota! an 2000 game thats has been fully revived! try to be the very best of all, download it or play it with shcokwave and palemoon right Here! (2.2 MB)

Basic translation from finnish:
hahmosi nimi: Insert username / nimi: Username
salasana: Password
kahdesti: repeat
Pää: Head
Vartalo: torso
kuvaile hahmoasi: a quote for your charater
sulje: Cancel
Mene!: Go!
perusta uusi peli: create a new round
kesto: minutes
pelin nimi: round name
tee lumipalo: pick snowballs

the part two of registration is not necesary you can jump it, it doesnt matter


i hope you all have fun with this :slight_smile: