This beta Windows7 is look Vista^^

Yeah you know is beta build 6801 Windows 7 ? the look is “vista” but is Windows 7
this beta is from 2008


This is because they were working on 7’s new UI.

is not UI 7 but vista in this old beta W7.(is beta is have name Windows 7)
the wallpaper is original in vista but use in this build
is old taskbar from vista in this build windows 7
because old beta windows 7 is really look “vista” but is not vista
is more pretty build from 7 for me
the “new super taskbar” from final build W7 i dont like

Edit: is pre beta

Look at this.

This is how 6801 looks, with everything unlocked.

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yes i know is work but only manual activate

but i’m not activate because i hate this “taskbar” i like only taskbar style vista/xp
the new is ugly for me

Its beta, not complete Win 7

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i know is only beta
but my favorite Windows 7 because have old and new taskbar

i dont like new taskbar and use this Windows 7
is very stable


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wow wow wow
my 6801 beta windows 7 work with my radeon hd 7000 seri efrom chipset driver XP
and usb 3.0 driver from vista work !

last net framework 4 from 7 too!

wow not bug :!

but last setup firefox not lunch(not start try open) but i put mypal

:slight_smile: is work remove timb bomb

edit: im copy here because wrong topic but now is ok

i’m know im am genius ^^

edit2 : aero not work with driver xp
driver vista / 7 not working

but with driver xp is full acelerate but wihout aero

install vista driver with vista compatibility mode

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