Things that I wish there could be revival remake etc (2006 polish facebook) (note: it was made to found old people from schools in Poland or something I never use it)

Gadu-Gadu or gg in short (2000 polish version of msn messenger) (note: it was like msn messenger but in poland today this thing exist but it’s full of pedos and weird people so I don’t recommend you going to this)

ios 6 game center (I don’t know if there’s a jailbreak or something that allows to use ios 6 game center or is it normally functioning or completely dead)

sony sketch (drawing app) (I think servers of this app got shot down in 2019 or something and I wish there could be something like a replacement server for this app to relive the community of sony sketch)

let me know any other things that I completely missed because I don’t know

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this one is for the brazilian (@NicoDM and ray specifically, cuz these are the two brazilian people i know here): Orkut (Google’s attempt to fight against myspace, that did well in Brazil and India, but also like mySpace, got massacred by facebook and shut down in 2014 due to google+ and the fact they couldnt handle facebook)

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