¿there was an update of WLM 8?


Hello, I always use WLM and I connect every day. but today is two things that have never been. it’s an update, right? Because those options were not before


its an update for tabs


It’s called tabs

It’s finally supported

How to disable: Go to Tools>Options>Tabs and check “Hide tabs”


lol i am there


Kyc Prro :v


What does this means?

Oh and


“shut up stupid kid.”


It’s an stupid way to say “shut up, dude” in equally stupid latinamerican Facebook groups


Ehm, “kyc prro” is a way squeakers communicate in Latin America.
aaaaaaaaaaand it kinda means what alexis said.
plz no flagerinno


Oh. Now I see Alexis was being useful for once. :stuck_out_tongue:




Bitch please im fabulous lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Once?:stuck_out_tongue: im always useful :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello penguin 001

the “Kyc Prro” means “shut up” that was aimed at Balazs_V not at you Penguin001 :slight_smile:


whats wrong with me?