¿there was an update of WLM 8?

Hello, I always use WLM and I connect every day. but today is two things that have never been. it’s an update, right? Because those options were not before

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its an update for tabs

It’s called tabs

It’s finally supported

How to disable: Go to Tools>Options>Tabs and check “Hide tabs”

lol i am there

Kyc Prro :v

What does this means?

Oh and

“shut up stupid kid.”

It’s an stupid way to say “shut up, dude” in equally stupid latinamerican Facebook groups

Ehm, “kyc prro” is a way squeakers communicate in Latin America.
aaaaaaaaaaand it kinda means what alexis said.
plz no flagerinno

Oh. Now I see Alexis was being useful for once. :stuck_out_tongue:



Bitch please im fabulous lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Once?:stuck_out_tongue: im always useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello penguin 001

the “Kyc Prro” means “shut up” that was aimed at Balazs_V not at you Penguin001 :slight_smile:

whats wrong with me?