The windows 7 vm

so ive been adding alot of things to my windos 7 vm what do u guys think i should add?

hmmm add anydesk! (for me)

Rectify11 your Windows 7 VM.


I can’t I’m protecting this vm with my life and the only reason why I have any desk is for my cousin who shared the vm but lives far away…

I’ll never do anything for windows 11 it’s staying windows 7 as it’s the best os ever made

hm try radmin
or hamachi idk

im not gonna install any services that ppl can access my PC from like anydesk teamviwer radmin etc

echelon for firefox

but radmin is a VPN

i have silverfox…

I never said to install Windows 11, I said just change Windows 7’s icons to Rectify11’s icons. Unless if you don’t want to do that either, that’s fine.

nah win7 icons are iconic