The ultimate list of websites, themes and stuff that revives the old internet

ill add more software later kiko


You can find it on the Rehike website or in the Florin’s projects server

thx trekie :smile:

Yippie :smiley:

hey guys look!

found another yahoo revival made by knetamight
so decided to add it

this is my made icon pack for Android keep in mind that it still needs some icons that I can’t find but still android 4.2 icons

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omg ty i needed this to make my nexus 5 look like android 4.4


Ignore it it’s a issue for everyone

THANKS i was searching for a old websites to use on my windows xp laptop

club penguin experience is now at
idk what happened with classic minecraft but i think you gave the wrong link

bro i set the link into and it resulted me to another userstyle
bro is a collabvm user twerking my MG account bruh? :skull:

this is just an issue with serv00, its marked as malicious for everyone. most likely because it can be used to host scam websites. also considering loogle+ is a revival of a google product from not too long ago

It seems to be fine for me tho

u removed loogle @kikoabdou

bro i found out that someone said loogle+ is actually malware and its coniformed in spacehey