The reason about old posts being bumped (And how to fix this)

As you may see there are Jan’18- December’18 Post being bumped Such as (What iso’s do you mad lads have) Or old generic “Add Me” Posts

This is cause the recommended section, If you go on a topic and scroll down, you will find a recommended seccion (related to your activity, post actually reading, etc.) And many of the recommended are old posted topics, Try it for yourself

The way to fix it is too obious, Stop recommending old posts/Configure the recommended seccion to not show old posts

I don’t know what you are talking about!

The recommended secction is recommending old posts causing new users to reply to them

not sure its that easy

I’ve never realized that there are suggested topics at the end of the page LOL I’ve never seen anything past the reply button

There are Badages, Groups, Private Messages, F.A.Q, About Page, CakeDay, Option menu with you can change the language and some days the theme

¿How many you dont know?

With themes i mean you can still do this

What about something like: “After x days of inactivity the post will be locked”

While that could also work, its ehhh… Not ideal.

what is wrong with bumping posts

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Actually I see just the suggested topics, nothing else.

I don’t see any of the “Badages, Groups, Private Messages, F.A.Q, About Page, CakeDay, Option menu” that you said. And oh, I’ve never accessed MessengerGeek mobile.

ok uh

LOL I have just realized that I’ve never accessed this menu xD