The Patchou's New Clothes


While talking to @MSN-messengeris-cool, he had stumbled across @Patchou’s new site after I told him his real name, which was in a Wikipedia article on Messenger Plus!, for your information, and gave me the link. I had looked at his social media linked on the site, when his Google+ specifically caught my attention.

To put it, he’s come a long way, and with that long road, comes a new face, which was on his Google+:

Looking more professional there, eh? Freshly coated with the latest plaid shirt, intimidating posture, and stern looks, I see. Really keeping up with the times. :wink:



Looks like the type of guy you’d find trying to sell you on a MLM lol


LOL MLM. Just had to look up its meaning. :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH he does look like a businessman. Just look at his professional style. :stuck_out_tongue:

(One of the other definitions was “Men loving men”, and combining that with the image gives you some very “vivid” images. :wink:)



Oh god

also to those that don’t know what i mean i mean like pyramid schemes n shit


lol, wtf? if you gonna post a pic of me, at least find one where I look half decent! :stuck_out_tongue:






LMAO you have that awkward creepy smile. What a pic. :stuck_out_tongue: