The new msn messenger

Hi all Today I want to update you about the new MSN Messenger. It’s a project I’ve been working on a month ago and it depends on updating a program called msn butterfly. But there’s one problem. It’s about the server. It’s using the old Hotmail server. I want the Escargot team to change the server to Escargot and then send it to me in an open source format to update it.
Link to the program : Butterfly Messenger | Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek
I want to thank @TReKiE @valtron @Patchou

If Jonathan kay do not accept this project, I will stop


Looks awesome. Seems to be a mix between Skype and MSN Messenger. How will the chat and its possibilities look like? :slight_smile:

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Good work, my friend! You look pretty good to me.

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If someone can work on MSNPSharp to possibly “downgrade” it to work with the current MSNP12 protocol, then we’re golden. It’s looking really good.

Of course I accept it, projects like this is why this forum exists :smile: Is it in WPF?

I messed around very briefly with downgrading the library a little while ago as it is also the library behind my old group chatbot. I can’t say I put too much effort into it as I figured it might be a wasted effort when more protocol support came. I didn’t get too far with it unfortunately.

Also of interest, older versions of MSNPSharp go down all the way to MSNP15.

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no it’s not WPF

I still work on the format

This is a new Windows Live Messenger format but it is just a form designed by Visual Studio and not real (does not work)



Looks really fantastic man! Well done for its look. :slight_smile: You found a modern and a good mix between Skype and MSN (Hopefully its also customizable a bit to your own taste like the MSN Messenger later on). Would be nice if it could make it work!

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thanks :heart_eyes:

I NEED THIS! :grinning:

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Looks neat. But when you said it’s not WPF, were you saying that it’s Windows Forms, though? If so, you really shouldn’t be using that in 2017…

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Well, simply put, Windows Forms is pretty much dead (dying) at this point. WPF/UWP is the future for .NET.

no hh this is not wpf it’s just a style !

Oh, so it’s just a picture at this point?

no it’s a real program

For a program like this I don’t think I’d care too much if it was Windows Forms or WPF. WPF is really hard to get into and you can really only reap the benefits if you write your application from the ground up with that in mind.

This is really impressive for Windows Forms, and it will serve it’s purpose.