The Microsoft Network


I don’t will tell history of MSN Explorer

The Microsoft Network or MSN in your new version, was released on August 24, 1995 known as the launch of the incredible windows 95, being a paid dial-up internet service.


and also as the homepage of internet explorer, as nowadays


In 1996 is launched MSN 2.0 still being a paid Dial-Up service that combined internet access and multimedia web-based



In 1997 is lauched MSN 2.6 and 5.0 but is a homepage not paid





I’m sorry for the small pictures


would realy love to see MSN Classic (the first one from 95) working?

anyone interested in reviving it

what protocol it uses to autenticate it sure isn’t PPPTP

also you forgot to mention MSN Explorer which was still paid (but I do not know how I was able to create free account back in the day (arround 2008,2009, but lost the username and password unfortunately))


and i want see MSN Classico and MSN Explorer working


at least you didn’t go the deathlife route


yes, you have reason


because dl actually paid for msn explorer in 2018


what the f…