The MG Discord server now has a forum feed

I implemented another special feature exclusive to the MG Discord server (other being a :stuck_out_tongue: leaderboard, yes that really exists: cb!elb) which is a feed of all “new” topics of the MG forum.

Currently, it’s having some issues like showing old topics, reason as to why that happens is that it depends on the latest.json API thing to give it topics, and then adds them to a list if the bot shouldn’t post them anymore. Since I started this recently, the list is pretty much empty and everyone who bumps old threads causes the bot to send a new topic to the channel.

Anyway the main intention of this thread is collect some opinion of you guys, give me suggestions on how I can improve this and if you find it useful or not.

Do you find it useful?

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How much do you like this new feature?

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Edit: is a thing, ehm… yeah.