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The timing of this thread is interesting given that high resolution videos of the Longhorn prototype mockups came out last week. These mockups are not real code running, they’re just interactive demos made in Director.

This one was originally from the PDC (now Build) 2003 conference. Once explorer comes up, you’ll see Messenger on the right sidebar (you can see more of that in the second video below). You’ll also see Yahoo! Messenger in the Start menu @ 0:40. There’s lots of great stuff, but one major feature desperately missing from Windows (and any OS really) is the notification framework and settings @ 6:09. I can only hope one day this shows up in modern Windows someday.

This is a demo specifically showing communication/Messenger scenarios. @ 0:45 you can see how Messenger conversations would integrate into Windows itself and how you can switch straight from that to e-mail without leaving Explorer. @ 2:32 you can see messaging integrated into Word. @ 3:04 you can see a Messenger contact card being used in the sidebar with Nikki McCormick who was a Messenger program manager at that time. @ 3:30 and 3:53 you can see a version of Spaces that would integrate in. @ 4:56 there’s selection of display pictures, including animated options which you see throughout the demo. Then @ 5:15, you’ll see this new Messenger demoed on a Windows Phone.

Although bits and pieces of what’s shown in these videos exist today, for the most part, the slick animations, auroras, integrated messaging into the platform, and all the other amazing ideas remain absent.


thanks for sharing that, that’s really interesting!