The longhorn thread

anyone ever tried installing lh on real hw here?

I might Just for sheer curiosity someday

anyhow, my favourite build probably 3718 or 5112 for the looks

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i didnt install it on actual hardware, but Red Eye Gaming did.
You should watch his clip
My fav build is 4074 :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to install it but i failed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I Installed it on my grandma’s old Gateway 4026GZ laptop and it had all the drivers and it ran fine. it runs well on decent hardware as long as the machine has windows xp drivers available, you should be fine i think.

I actually do school project about Longhorn :smiley:
I’ve did Years (chapters) 2001 and 2002, now starting 2003.


that’s pretty cool, good luck!

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I did once attempt that

Also how do I install LH on a SATA/AHCI only netbook

shouldn’t it have drivers? if not during the setup see if there a add driver option for sata? IDK, my grandma’s laptop was a IDE based Hard drive, coud try on a blank hard drive, later today. I’ll try and get back to you if it works.

well it might. but i think it only has it for floppy drives like xp

on my main pc

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i’ve installed 4029 on my old pc

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Really cool :smiley:

Can someone give me the ISO of Longhorn? Because im searching and i cant find

Find it on WinWorldPC

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oh ok thanks :smiley:

The best place to find old an old Os. Hopefully they’ll put Windows Xp on there when people stop supporting it/use it.

Not really going to happen (off topic starts here)After april 9th 2019 someone called “Dibya” will start developing a compatability layer for xp,(off topic ends here)

(Just saying that about Winworld… not really off topic… I don’t think at least.)

Office download its here!!qHhWGS6Y



I notice that’s only part 5, do you have the other parts Tinso? :smiley_cat: