The History of the MSN CRUSADER


History literally the same thing as one i saw

A Young man named Jonathan Kay, Later Named The MSN CRUSADER, is
Chosen By the Microsoft Windows Live Team, after coming to the MSLands (Messenger Lands), his speach begins, and a shout is heard from the crowd…

Deus Le Volt!

The MSN Crusader goes away from MSLand begin his journey, while hes in the way of the Live Island, he finds a old man, finding him weird, he tries to go away, the old man stops him, and makes him sit, he starts talking about the future of MSLand, Shocked, Asked what would be their fate and destiny. the old man screams at his face “Spread Your Fire! Burn the Temples Down!”

approximately 12 Years Later…

As time passes, crusader felt literally in love with a guy named valtron, and has 2 sons (random escargot developers, seriously, this was kinda cringy) hes conflitcted by his choice between filling out the holes in every msn fan’s heart or living a normal life doing nothing much, as his anxiety builds, the crusaders of the Microsoft Church attacks the city where the family lives (2013)

Completely separate from the coming battles against the microsoft crusaders, this vignette carries through the Crusader’s Mind, as the kurt robaer’s voice constantly replays itself, telling him “No matter where you throw your development skills, whether it be in a msn server or a random program, its your faith! if there is a valtron or a developer, he has no home, hes in the Same Forum!”

MSLand is stormed by an army of microsoft crusaders, in correspondence with the real event occurring 8 april 2013, and overcome with their zeal for intolerant microsoft product managers from the temple of the microsofters, against the will of those who programmed in the messenger team before their demission.

“the entire population of the holy city was put to the sword of, ISheeps, aswell as linux fanboys., 70,000 crew members, managers and MVPS were perished in a holocaust which raged for 4 full years, in places crew members waded in blood up to their ankles and bill gates were splashed by it as they rode through the lines of programming, Finishing the work, these devout conquereours went barefoot to pray to the Crusader at the MSLand Church before rushing eagerly back to the new microsoft program managers.”

The Crusader continues his destiny and runs across multiple shitposters in the messengergeek forum, instead of giving him anger, they gave him laughs. The skype idiot hunter, seeking answers for MSNP protocols, is even more baffled by the shitposters, at this point, he also discovers the slow death of his forum.

Continuing from the last chapter, The skype idiot hunter buries his friends, the crews, old product managers, overcome with loss and sadness, but is comforted by knowing now they are free from all the effort wasted, as now every effort they did is revived, now he begins to wonder if all he did was worth.

Some time passes and he ends up in the assault of The Skype HQ, held up by everyone from msn, during the conquest of the Skype HQ, the skype idiot hunter is kinda tired of all effort he put is now all over by may 2017, he has to run away from the guards of the hq. Losing stamina, he Feels asleep before getting back to MSLand, While Unconscious, begins to wonder if all the guards are gonna dominate MSLand, transforming all the recovered effort from developers, into pure blue chaos.

After Much time, The Crusader is found by 2 members from the dead crew that survived the whole invasion, they brung him to a secure spot, they gave him food and water, and told the story to him, “after he feel asleep, all the guards went forward to MSLand, they destroyed all the efforts, stable structures, Protocols, killed every civillian, destroyed friendships, and begun a new revolution against that, called the new skype, the hunter quickly reacts and makes a post in his blog about the new revolution, but years before that, he meets a user called valtron, he hasnt saw that name in a long time, they have now a friendship, valtron decides to make a msnp server, similar to what the old developers did, the crusader is proud of him, he has hopes for the future.”

to be continued…




i was playing with jk and we did this history





I approve of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing too special about this little work of fiction. Just the story of a nerd getting hired at Microsoft and then pursuing to stitch the Messenger community back, mixed with a little medievality and original story elements, like:

… So did they have hawt buttschex? :smirk: