The Greatest Worst Band Ever: AxCx

I may have described Kidz Bop Van Halen as the worst thing ever c. Feb. '18, but I have now managed to find something even worse.

That’s a lie. I’ve known about Anal Cunt for ages.

Check out some of their greatest hits;

You Fucking Freak


Caring About Anything Is Gay

Howard Wulkan Is Bald

and Dictators Are Cool

The worst part is, I unironically enjoy this

kidz bop van halen

Oh no what is this

don’t forget that one ironic album they did with acoustic guitars (picnic of love)

and keep in mind they had to change the name of “your kid committed suicide because you suck” from “connor clapton committed suicide because his dad sucks” so

but yeah valujet is pretty good

also censoring the lyrics of Women: Nature’s Punching Bag and Body by Auschwitz in the lyrics sheet (in the sense that Seth still screamed the lyrics, but we have no fucking clue what he screeched)

that’s pretty much most Anal Cunt songs