The game zoo tycoon does not install on an Xbox series X, need help pls

So I was going to install zoo tycoon on my Xbox, but It stops installing at 26%, can anyone help me Or have the same problem?

It even says “check the disk if it’s dirty or scratched” and ITS NOT!

IDK What, but maybe the disc is dirty but you can’t see it? or if the xbox series x is acting up

I guess it might be, thanks tho

I would assume the first thing to eliminate would be whether or if it’s the disc or the drive at fault. For the drive, you can just install other similar games, for the disc, you’d need to try on another xbox. I know that could be a little more difficult these days. If there’s still a small gaming store around, I’m sure they’d help if you asked politely.

A possible workaround would be to run it on PC, assuming we’re talking about the same game (so many Zoo Tycoons variants).

Well I still do have my old Xbox one, I’ll try that!

toothpasting the disc and cleaning it up always helped me if installer can’t read smth from it