The first Escargot bot attemps!

hello! i would like to say i was doing some MSN messenger bot! with some script, you can test it out with my main account
if you want to see the commands say !shelp
if you want to make some talk just star saying hi
and for @Megadeth58 i made something related about tongue hell :wink:
i will add more aswers and commands by the time
NOTE: the bot couldnt be 24 hours online sorry :frowning:
hope u have fun with the bot

me testing bot aswers and commands with Mateo capote

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what BOT script are you using?

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Yea Right :slight_smile: the onlything that this does is show a popup window with 1 written in it

Oh yeah! I do remember there being Messenger chat bots near the end of its lifespan, but they didn’t really act like that, although my memories of Messenger chat bots back in the day are probably rather foggy.

(Edit: I remember there was a “text games” chat bot, and it used NLP (natural language processing) for its commands, as opposed to something like a prefix which is what is used for most chat bots on Discord and Telegram)

NPL? what’s that?

I already mentioned what it stands for…

I know but what is a natural language processing?

Basically, it means one can talk to a robot (or artificially intelligent software) the same way they talk to another person. From what I know, this is usually done by “listening” for (sequences of) keywords in the query (what the user typed and sent).


the “EscarBots” :v