The fake "MSN Messenger 7.5" app for Android


I’ve seen this app for a while in the Play Store, but it’s still there. It happens like the “MSN Messenger” for Android, with some false prints but in the end it is only an application that displays infinites ads.

And there’s another clone of him from the same developer, called “Online Messages,” which does the same thing as your look-alike.


That is so poor for people to make imitations like this which is pretty much clickbait.


Why would they make a MSN messenger app even after microsoft shut down msn messenger


I think it’s for the clickbait. People download their app expecting MSN and nostalgia, and then they just get tons of ads instead.


I wonder if there is a remove ads option


people are really stupid :frowning:


What? I thought that MSN Messenger of all things wasn’t even bait-worthy for scammers to use, especially since it was mainly available only as a desktop app. :open_mouth:

Still, really scummy. :unamused: Let’s hope no one falls for this obviously fake app.


well look like 608 people already fall in this fake app


a new way to destroy my old phone… yay?


yes i guess


And I find it strange how it has not yet been removed from the Play Store, since the first time I saw it in the store was in September last year.


Maybe it hasn’t been reported. Has there been any reviews?


Many! At least Brazilian reviews do not have some with 2 stars or more, all with one criticizing the fact that the app is fake.


Honestly, I find this part of the first fake app’s description very funny:

do you remember the best chatting platform in the world, do you remember the best mssn messenger ?

Oh boy, I definitely do remember the MSSN Messenger. :wink:

But it looks like the fun doesn’t stop there! They also seem to have a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” app, which I also assume is an “ad” app.

Either that, or it’s poorly programmed and designed. :stuck_out_tongue:


mssn mezzenger


According to the reviews, it says the MSN Messenger 7.5 app is actually a crappy VPN app, with a TON of ads.
The “Online messages” app is just an ad app.
Meanwhile “Do Not disturb while driving” is a really crappy port of Apple’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” function, with ads.


LOL. Well that was somewhat unexpected. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it does what it’s intended to do.