The esoForum

The esoForum is an online web-forum which uses many aspects of ‘classic’ web design to emulate the experience as if you were using a site from the ‘olden’ days of the Internet.

An experiment.
Users can discuss anything on esoForum, regardless of the subject matter (given that it’s suitable for the web and is not done in bad taste). Because of this, it’s more of a “forum for anything”, rather than a site that serves a specific purpose.

We’ve been working on the site for about a year now to bring features such as mobile support to all. Currently, it’s stable, and we’re now accepting members.

Be sure to check us out! We won’t bite; our community (as of now) is fairly friendly and welcoming.


it could be as cool as you say, but you’re doing spam.
Sorry fam, u got flagged

How’s it spam?

This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.

you’re advertising the esoForum in the MessengerGeek forum

The topic is messaging platforms, correct?

If I am, ‘esoForum’ should fall under that category. It’s a real-time messaging forum.

If you’re telling X forum's users to visit Y forum, that’s spam.

Now, if you’re in, for example, MSN Messenger and you a friend/contact to visit the forum or even another IM, that’s NOT spam

I’m confused, considering the main point of this topic is that it’s based off esoTalk (the forum / instant messaging software I showcased on this very forum here).


But esoTalk is NOT instant messaging software. MSN Messenger or AIM are, but this is a FORUM ENGINE, like Wordpress

It’s strange for someone to tell me what my own project is - but, as stated earlier, it’s a blend of a forum and an instant messaging software:

esoTalk is an alternative communications platform scripted with AJAX and JS. While ET mirrors the features of a forum software, live and script-based discourse can act as a messenger. Private discussions can be made, and users can ‘shout’ on other’s profiles - similar to the comments of olden MySpace and Live.

Even if it’s an engine, it’s software - and esoForum utilises that software to create a combination of traditional peer-to-peer messaging and forum-like discourse.

** I can easily edit my OP to reflect this, as well; but removal doesn’t seem necessary or a breach of any known policy to me.

well, let @TReKiE decide

This is quite a fascinating and creative idea to mix the two forms of communication. Worth checking out if only for Rover on the sign up page :stuck_out_tongue:

Also of note, @irix is using Messenger and is mentioning us there. So the mentioning is a mutual exchange, and therefore not a random advertisement.


ooh now I see :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry, @irix

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No worries! :wink: