The Escargot Network (EGN)

I have an Idea about a software called “The Escargot Network”, it’s a program that includes every products created by the Escargot Team. Several Programs can be accessed off-line, but programs like MessengerGeek won’t be available off-line.

I hate to spoil my own stuff, but this is one of my projects already that’s near to being ready.

With a different name of course.

What else do you want it to do? :slight_smile:


If you have a project like that, can you name it The Escargot Network (Just an Idea)

i’m sorry, but the orignal idea for this type of project (JK’s does not count, since we never heard about the project, tl;dr, we won’t get annoyed with you, Kay.) is actually owned by @Deathlife23 and me, @yellows111, we may have to disallow you (@CompUser) from using the alpha releases anymore.

Exactly, you will not receive anymore the beta releases.

I didn’t know that JK was preparing something like that !

Don’t make like your ‘‘innocent’’, because you actually tried to make a similiar ideas to our program.
Also, since you will not receive any updates, i will make the program not usable.

(When i will release the other alpha, you will not see things work.)

I’m serious ! i’m not making my Innocent ! I was just developping that for fun !


@CompUser i think u’re free to make your project…

maybe can fuse with others to make a best project (?


Hes free? He just stole my idea! He’s not free! Also, you should check Death’s Life.

of course, as if nothing that is being done now, has not existed before xDDD

I think everyone should be free to work on their own projects, I doubt he was trying to copy your ideas. Anyway, good work on Death’s Life, and we can’t wait for JK’s project, but no need for hostility to anyone!

If someone wants to start a project they can as long as it contributes positively for our community, and it shouldn’t break guidelines, and I doubt having ideas for a project breaks any guidelines, especially seeing as it was only an idea, and not an already programmed project.


I agree with @ItzEthan .

Based on this logic Microsoft can shut Escargot and oMessenger down no matter what because it “has a similar idea” to their own proprietary services.

In my opinion closing someone off from beta releases because they suggest a similar idea is just plain rude. Ideas aren’t “owned” by anybody.

On another note, I personally don’t like that most of the different projects on this forum are closed source and doing stuff like closed betas.


I agree with @Nintel and @ItzEthan
He should be free of doing what he wants to do


Is it going to be called Escargot Dial-up?

why you revive this post

I’m not even sure if he’s finishing said project. :stuck_out_tongue:

But he’s not referring to the dial-up server backend (as I stated before that’s gonna take alot in terms of time and money), he’s referring to the idea of the hub-like interface of MSN Program Viewer and implementing it into today’s web. Besides, why revive the dial-up backend anyway? Would be unnecessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, gonna agree with @yellows111 for once. Was really unnecessary to ask @TReKIE that in this case. Least you could’ve done is PM him about the current status of the project.

He didn’t do nothing, as i know.
The only thing is that i’m now working on a new version for Death’s Life.

I will change the name and i’ll make a new program from scratch.
@deathlife23 gave me permission to do so.