The end of Yahoo Messenger, again, July 17, 2018


Hot off the presses:

I can’t say I’m shocked, they threw their existing loyal users away and expected new ones to come from… somewhere.

So, who will revive “new” Yahoo? :stuck_out_tongue:


We need that server then caled the modern yahoo! MESSENGER SERVER!


Why am I not surprised? The official Yahoo! Messenger forums basically warned Yahoo! of Messenger’s death bed, but I never expected it to be so soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one, I bet. :wink:


Good riddance. new YM is hot garbage



even the NEW yahoo is dead … WE NEED TO REVIVE YAHOO 11


Expected, the popularity for IM messengers are dying down to the likes of things like discord and various other “mobile apps” like kik and whatsapp. as long as they don’t see a majority, it will most likely die, which is sad, as some quality programs with small userbases go down to the likes of these huge messengers in the market, or become like yahoo messenger or the “new” skype, which gets rebranded and dies out quicker because not even the userbase wants it. kinda sad, means only people like us can provide support for these. rip.

but hey, i believe in yall being able to revive these one day, i’ve been impressed before, go on, bring us the past, even if it takes 6 years.


i hate it


never really used it, i just don’t like how the news is marketing it as like “too secure” or someshit

honestly i just miss the older days i guess.




Not even Discord, despite it being an IRC-like service and not an IM even though people call it one because they abuse the DM feature? :stuck_out_tongue:


well discord is popular too but its not a monster like whatsapp


whatsapp is great, it works great for me.


you may hate it just for the looks…


boy , i have to use this … as my main IM …


why cant you live with whatsapp? what is wrong with it?


I think you can use Whatsapp on your computer through Whatsapp Web or through a Pidgin plugin named purple-whatsapp. I wanted to try it out, but there aren’t any binaries avaliable,only source code. And because I have no experience in compiling, I can’t try it out.