The end of messenger might be near?


Yes its Thursday again, and a quick look at the messenger server status tells me that Microsoft has started with blocking MSNP21 protocols aswell.

I suppose it wont take long, before we all need to switch to skype unfortunatly…
It realy doesnt look good…
a few bn1 and db3 servers left today.

check it yourself:

I realy hope the server updates will take a long time, but i´m affraid that the end of messenger will be just a matter of time.


No they are not blocking the MSNP21 protocol. You can see that in all servers that have MSNP21 red crossed, the port 443 is red crossed as well. Microsoft would not block port 443 since Skype use it. That probably means that these servers are offline or under maintenance. That happens quite often.


These servers will remain online forever?


You are right.
The servers where gone tempory, they seem to be back again.

So this thread can be locked for now. :smile:


Lets hope so, cause that means that wlm2012 will keep working forever lol.


Fine. Thanks for your answer.!!


a little bump.

I recently checked the messenger server status,
and it looks to me, that Microsoft is also slowly shutting down the msnp 21 protocols.

Idk if this is just for maintance, or permanetly, but with the lauch of Windows10 right on the corner, it looks to me that Microsoft has other plan´s with the messenger servers.
I think they might have a new protocol ready, for skype and new apps.
So im not sure, what this all going to mean for the future of wlm2012.


lets hope that msnp 21 its not shut down… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Many servers going offline ?


There is a fair amount of evidence that MSNP21 will still work. They had not blocked the protocol on the internal servers. There is some people here in the forum scared due to the fact that some servers have red crosses on port 443 and MSNP21 ports, but those servers are just offline for maintenance and that happens VERY often. Also you cannot trust blindly on the scanner because it can display errors sometimes due to packet loss, etc. It is even mentioned in the site.