The Coronavirus pandemy

Hi guys,

So it has been a while, but now there’s a new variant of SARS… So… So, I’m just writing this to know how’re you doing. Just to know if you are ok, or perhaps not.

So, that’s it.



i’m doing fine, even in quarantine :sunglasses:

well our area is in quarantine

Pretty cool!

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I’m fine even quarantine, too!

here we are in quarantine, in a curfew but I still have to attend my work. we are taking care of ourselves to the maximum. I work with internet and telecommunications services making repairs

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There is a quarantine in my country until March 29.

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That’s fine, then. :slight_smile:

Yes, its supposed to be like that… But probably the quarantine will be longer over and over… :frowning:

We just watch a Lithuanian TV show called “Įdomiosios pamokos” in school days in quarantine.

Oh, that sounds cool! :slight_smile:

Wait, hold on…
Really quarantine, or ‘hard’-lockdown, or a simple self-isolation (work/stay at home)?

Dunno xD

For me it’s just self-isolation.

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let’s Fighting on Coronavirus

my eyeballs dont


i don’t go outside my property much so it isn’t really affecting me

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me 2 but still quarantine sucks :\

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LOL, I’m suprised about this