The cold, hard truth


When using Windows: Do you love windows 10?

YES —> You don’t have a life ending

NO—> Good Job


@PPCB :stuck_out_tongue:

i love ( hate ) how the joke about mac dont make any type of sense

Are you an idiot?

YES > Windows post-7
NO > Continue

Do you hate glassy interfaces?

YES > Windows XP or before
NO > Continue

Do you care about software support limitations?
YES > Windows 7
NO > Windows Vista

there :slight_smile:

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maybe 8.1 isnt too bad

8.1 is great


It’s pretty good for ram usage (even 8.0 is iirc)

So am I an idiot for wanting to have an upgraded system that releases new features regularly and supports modern applications? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Windows 10 is horrendous trainwreck that feels cobbled together. At least 8.1 feels complete

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That’s the very truth! best wishes from argentina!


Yep… At least Windows 8.1 doesn’t make our computer lag like Windows 10…

8.1 have some minor bugs like the start button that doesn’t work and you have to restart explorer.exe but… It’s a nice OS :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting, so you are saying W8.1 is less resource-hungry than W10? I think I’m gonna change OS :thinking: W8.1 still support modern apps and games?

Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are ugly AF, and those settings interfaces urrrgh, i rather do everything on a command line

windows 8.1 take way less resources than windows 10


i respect your opinion, windows 8 desing inst really for everyone

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Took me about a minute to recreate Windows 10 design.
The trend on flat designed turned everything so flat, flavorless, it is like making rice without salt or anything, just water and rice, flavorless.
There is a great difference between clutter and design elements, the glass windows didn’t cluttered the view, much the opposite it felt comfortable and modern.

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except this looks like a piece of sh*t, windows 10 does absoluty not look like that