The best free hosting service

Here i will do a little recommendation for those who wants to host their websites/forums/blogs/portfolios/ in a free hosting (a real one) because many free hostings services has many limitations, but the one that i will recommend here is the definitive one,

I like InfinityFree for many reasons, is a unlimited storage free hosting, i use it, and here some of it’s features:

1: A simple and fast interface: You Log In, and there’s your sites (you can put 3 sites in one account) you click in one site and there’s the file manager, options, Control Panel, etc.

2: Has VistaPanel cPanel!: when you click “Control Panel” in one of your websites in your InfinityFree account, redirects you to VistaPanel, has very great tools like SEO, RoundCube Webmail, has even a Script and Plug-In installer, Softaculous! (in Softaculous you can install several Scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, MyBB, and with the last version of that Scripts) and many more!

3: It’s fast: Only test my forum hosted with InfinityFree,, you can prove that is fast, and functional.

So, InfinityFree is better than any other Free hosting, but that is not all, InfinityFree has it’s own Premium plans, so you can use paid hosting too for some extra features like more sites in a account, premium client support (if you’re free user you can get support on the InfinityFree forum) and many more.

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