TEXTbase is now for anyone to contribute!


Now open for contributors!

TEXTbase is a text-based website(you probably already know that) where you can do stuff.

But, I just RAN OUT OF IDEAS so it’s contributor friendly now.

Start contributing here: https://glitch.com/~textbase-becausetheinternet

Why the heck can’t I reply to this on my new account? Is there a post limit or something? If so, wow…

There is actually, you need to be member to post more.

what is this?

Im a oficial member


It’s probably Discourse automatically flags replies that are made by another user posted with the same IP address?

yeah its something that happens to me, please put it on something alse not glitch cuz my router doesnt support it and insano has the same thing

I think the reason why TextBase failed was because it wasn’t on github compared to the other 3 “website” projects (being 2003page, RetroSite and TWTACCT).

There also appeared to have no contributing guide, which could have made things difficult.